Saturday, November 25, 2017

1974 Honda Civic

At the time 30-33 mpg was considered low consumption, but it's nothing special now.

1940 Vauxhall 12

1934 Auburn ad

1973 Ford Coach (Tourist Liner) in Milford Sound art

Belonging to Blue Bus Services on the first outing to the South Island. It never strayed far after the 1970s, being used more on lower valley services between Masterton and Featherston then Wairarapa school runs including a short stint with Trinity college. It was repowered with an Isuzu diesel around 1994 and retired for sale around 1999/2000.  Framed painting by Wallace Trickett.

Hitler's train 'Amerika' in Jellowa, September 1939

Talking to Nazi Foreign Minister Von Ribentrop(?)
During the campaign in Poland.  At the time this was in Germany, today in Poland.  A Polish webpage with info here

"The Führerzug was a special train designed for Hitler which consisted of 15 cars: the Führer’s car, press secretary’s car, a car with a communication center, two saloon (diner) cars, a bath-car, two cars for escort and military units, two sleeping cars, two luggage cars, a car for security guards, and two armoured platform cars with antiaircraft guns. The Führer’s car was not armoured, however."

'they can look at their phones, I prefer to read a book'

a Leyland half-cab bus at the eastern portal of the Mt Victoria tram tunnel, Wellington

Taken by an Evening Post photographer in 1958.  For more, see the book Wellington Transport Memories.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Monday, November 20, 2017

traffic in Newmarket, Auckland, early 1920s

Looking south down Broadway from the vicinity of Khyber Pass Road. (Auckland Library collection)

Monday, November 13, 2017

travel by trailer poster, circa 1960

Presumably issued by an association of trailer (= caravan) manufacturers.

Fiat railcar about to enter the Arthur's Pass tunnel, mid 1970s

It has just crossed the Bealey River at the highest point of the South Island railway network with the Arthur's Pass township visible in the background.

As those who have the book On the TransAlpine Trail know, these ran on the Christchurch-Greymouth route between 1956 and 1978; in the earlier part of this period they also ran south of Greymouth.  (Roy Sinclair pic)

old style pocket watch with an American steam loco

No other info.  Probably recent, not antique.

aerial view of the NZ Centennial exhibition in Wellington, 1940

This was in Kilbirnie-Lyall Bay and had a tram connection.  For lots more about it, see the book Wellington: a Capital century

a French SNCF autorail in Belgium

Number X-4368 at Waulsort station on the line Dinant (Belgium) - Givet (France).